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Assistance Plan

This plan was created for families with children in Catholic elementary schools in the Diocese of Providence. The plan directs every parish to allocate at least 7% of its income annually to assist those families who can demonstrate need for financial aid in making tuition payments. Parishes which sponsor a school are exempt because of the subsidies they presently give to their schools.

Another source of financial aid available to parents, both Catholic and non-Catholic is the Frances Warde Fund. This fund, partially finance by money received from the Catholic Charity Fund Appeal, was established to provide tuition assistance to students who are residents of the Diocese of Providence attending Catholic elementary schools. The Frances Warde Fund attempts to help families who may be ineligible for tuition assistance from any other source.

In a ruling by the Diocese of Providence, any family requesting financial assistance from their parish or through the Frances Warde Fund must complete a Grant and Aid Application Form. When the FACTS Company completes their calculations, families who have applied are automatically listed in rank order, according to need. That list is used by the Frances Warde Fund to determine which families will receive tuition assistance through that fund. The FACTS Student and Family Need Report is sent to the school office and then, to the individual pastors, if Catholic, of the applicant family. The pastors use that information to help determine the level of financial need, and the subsequent financial assistance from the parish. Non-Catholic families who qualify for aid through Frances Warde Fun will have those payments sent directly to the school in their name.

We encourage all families who have a need for financial aid to complete the form. No financial aid can be allocated without the use of this form.

Check with the St. Pius X School office on the deadline for returning the application.Please send your form directly to FACTS GRANT & AID; along with your $20.00 check made payable to FACTS GRANT & AID or you may complete your form online. If you complete your form online, please make a copy in the event your online application was not received in its entirety by Facts Grant & Aid.

Pastors of Catholic families will receive your financial information sometime in the spring. Pastors of Catholic families will expect that families who apply to the parish for tuition assistance will be registered families contributing to and attending Mass in their parish.

Grant and Aid Assessment

St. Pius X School makes use of FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to help us evaluate requests for financial aid. If you would like to complete an application online, you may go to FACTS Grant & Tuition Aid web site.

Tuition Collection

St. Pius X School makes use of Smart Tuition Management Company to collect our tuition payments.

If you pay your tuition through Smart Tuition, you can check on the status of your account, the schedule of payments still to be made, a listing of those payments already made, and a complete listing of all activity through your Smart Tuition Account.

Click here to review your account:

NOTE: In order to access your Smart Tuition Account, you will need the information on the confirmation letter, which Smart Tuition sent to you when your account was established.

To arrange a payment plan and to pay online, please contact the St. Pius X School Business Manager at 401-596-5735.

For more questions, please contact us or considering registering in order to receive more information.

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