• Students will be required to read 1 book from the list provided. After completing the required reading, students are encouraged to read additional books of their choice.
  • Students will conduct a "book talk" on their book when they return to school.
  • In addition to the book talk, choose one of the topics below and be prepared to explain during your presentation.
  • Guidelines are provided below for students to follow as they prepare their presentation.

Giving a book talk:

  • Plan to speak for about 3-5 minutes
  • Briefly summarize the plot of the book and identify the genre, but do not give away the ending.
  • Prepare what you are going to say about the book (Index cards work best!). You do not need to memorize, but be sure to know the points you are going to make. Practice until you are comfortable! Hand in outline or index cards when presentation is complete. 

Topics to focus on:

  • The theme of the book
  • The major conflict
  • A brief description of the main characters and their relationships
  • Setting and how it relates to the plot and characters
  • Identify what you think the author would have wanted readers to take from the experience of reading the book
  • If you come across a significant or powerful message, share it! Briefly explain the meaning behind the message.

Happy Reading! Mr. Burns