Welcome to Grade 8 homeroom. This year the students will be focusing on their own academic, social, and spiritual growth as they prepare for high school. They will strive to be independent learners and achievers. Grade 8 will use the lessons and values they have learned, during their time at St. Pius X, to lead the school by their example. The upcoming school year is bound to be one filled with new and exciting accomplishments and achievements.

I look forward to working with you this upcoming year. In Social Studies, we focus on the Five Themes of Geography which are Geography and History, Location, Place, Interaction, and Region. Grade 6 studies a world view and learns about ancient civilizations and how they developed. Grade 7 studies American history and the founding of our great nation.

Grade 8 looks at the early 1900s and the growth of America after the Civil War. In Art, the students learn how artists use the elements of design to plan their art work and then they learn to combine visual elements by using the principals of design. The elements guide the planning of artworks and express ideas and feelings. Students learn a variety of techniques and have the opportunity to use various media. Students gain a knowledge of art history, an appreciation of culture and heritage, and an awareness of creative expression. Art has the ability to cultivate students creativity, imagination, problem solving, self-expression, and self-esteem.