Sixth Grade

Welcome to Grade 6 English and Literature! I hope you all had a safe and relaxing summer. I look forward to meeting the incoming class.

During the year, we will be learning and practicing many reading and writing strategies. In English, students will apply conventions of grammar and mechanics through a wide variety of writing forms, while focusing on the eight parts of speech. Students will write narratives, demonstration speeches, persuasive articles, and informative essays. Students will have the opportunity to use technology to produce and publish their writing, and will have many opportunities to present information, opinions, and ideas.

In Literature, students will be given the tools to become active and thoughtful readers in order to connect literature to their own life experiences. Through reading, students will be able to compare selections, authors, and cultures. My hope is to challenge students and instill a love for reading, writing, and thinking.

In the sixth grade we encourage our students to become more independent as they make a big step in their educational journey. The middle school is a team effort among all teachers and students. We expect all students to care and respect one another as you continue to learn academically and spiritually in a collaborative setting.

I look forward to working with our new students and parents this year. Thank you in advance for your support in making the 2017-2018 school year a success here at St. Pius X Regional Academy.

Mr. Burns

6th Grade Teacher