Seventh Grade

Mrs. McGuire

[email protected]

Welcome to Grade 7 Homeroom at St. Pius X Middle School. Room 7 houses our Math and Science Lab for the middle schoolers. We are a very proud Grade 7 because many of our class members are part of student council, art club , x-country , basketball, soccer and theater club.

When middle school students come to Room 7 in the mornings they work on a variety of math related activities. Students study numeration, operations, algebraic expressions, manipulation of equations and variables and the coordinate plane to name a few topics. Proficiency in Algebra I is the goal for many of our middle school students. Geometry is an integral part of all of our math classes.

The afternoon is spent studying Science. Grade 6 studies many branches of Science while grade 7 concentrates on Earth and Physical Science. Students in grade 8 study Living Science and are able to dissect small animals to study anatomy and physiology toward the end of the year.

Students work on growing plants using hydroponics in Room 7. We study plate tectonics, pressure, density, and many other interesting topics using a hands-on approach in our labs. Students look forward to science labs and enjoy learning by doing.

Biomes, seismic activity and genetics are topics being covered this month in our middle school.

It’s fun to explore and learn! Just ask students in the Middle School.