Second Grade

Mrs. Cannon

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Welcome to 2nd Grade! My name is Mrs. Cannon, and I will be your teacher and guide during your year in grade 2! The first thing to know about our class is my motto: 2nd grade is not about str ess! In grade 2, learning is fun and exciting. Our curriculum includes Reading, Fundations, Religion, Math, Social Studies, Science, and English. We also have specials which include Art, Music, Gym/Health, Library, and Spanish. I work with our students in both large and small groups during the day. Guided reading and guided math groups are an integral part of our learning. Differentiated instruction is important to the success of all my students! During the year the children work on several projects. The first is a science project about animals and their habitats. In social studies, the children will choose a state and create a poster about their state along with a written report. We also create a book mobile report on a favorite chapter book. The final project is a research report on a saint for religion. Another highlight of grade 2’s Religious instruction will be 1st Communion and 1st Reconciliation for those children who are Catholic.