The grade eight class hosted the Mass on Ash Wednesday, celebrated by Father Najim. The students all received ashes from Father Najim, Father Ray and Eucharistic Ministers Mrs. Lauren Coggeshall, grade 3 teacher, and Mrs. Janet Rufful/Principal.

The students celebrated the 100th day of school. The students counted a 100 objects, built towers out of a hundred cups, made crowns with the number 100 and added to 100.


The experiments included: making ice cream in a bag with ice and rock salt, exploring the power of levers by lifting a heavy tree trunk with a wooden lever, making hovercrafts with CDs, witnessing the force of static electricity with balloons, making a battery with pennies, seeing circuits in action with Snap Circuit sets, building a sturdy cup tower in a given time period, witnessing stroboscopic motion through flip books and a homemade wheel of photos, Chromebooks were used to measure pressure and demonstrate the ideal gas law, and bouncy balls were made to discuss polymers.

In February we celebrate the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  God sent his son to be born into a family as an example to us and our families. We will prepare to enter into the season of Lent. The season of Lent is a time for penance, reflection and fasting. The ashes we receive symbolize the dust from which God made us.

Schedule for Catholic Schools Week 2018

The school will be open Monday through Friday for tours from 9:30 am – 1:30