Our Mission & Philosophy

St. Pius X Regional Academy is a Roman Catholic school providing a personalized, specialized, and spiritualized 21st -century education to preschool through grade 8 students.

Philosophy of Education: We believe that teachers should be role models for living moral lives. Both teachers and students should embrace the power of prayer and practice the Catholic faith.

We believe that students should be lifelong learners and that learning should be a partnership between students and teachers. We believe that our role as teachers is to facilitate the students learning experience; to encourage and challenge young minds; to foster a cooperative learning environment, and to prepare students to think as problem solvers.

We believe that each child is unique and that our education process must acknowledge this. We believe that each child has different God-given abilities and, as such, learns differently.

We believe that, as teachers, we must build an awareness of the students’ responsibilities and encourage the fulfillment of such so that each child is challenged to succeed. At the same time, we provide a warm, nurturing atmosphere that accepts people as they are and where students experience a sense of belonging.

We believe that a conducive learning environment involves guiding minds, governing good behavior, and guarding those entrusted to us.

We believe our school’s Catholic identity is evident in the signs, symbols and daily prayer that inspire us to follow Jesus’ command:

“Love one another as I have loved you.”
– John 15:12

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