Grading Criteria

Requirements for Passing (diocesan policy)

Primary Grades

Inability to read well causes more children to fail in school than any other single factor. The foundation of reading is laid in the primary grades. In fact, mastery of certain reading skills is the major objective of these grades. Hence, promotion through the primary grades is to be determined mainly by the child’s progress in reading.

Grades 4-8

Students must maintain a passing or better in each subject, excluding the “specials”. On the final report card and permanent record, grades for the three trimesters will be averaged. Failure on one or more major subjects (up to 3) will require successful completion of a summer program in order to be promoted to the next grade. No student with more than three failures will be permitted to take a summer program for credit.

Academic Reports (Report Cards & Progress Reports)

In an effort to keep parents closely informed of their children’s academic progress, reports are issued in the following sequence:

Report Cards

Report Cards are sent home three times a year (trimester), as mandated by the Diocese of Providence. They are sent home approximately a week after each trimester ends.

Progress Reports

Progress reports are issued to all students whose work is deficient to that point in the trimester. Progress Reports must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the teacher within two school days. Progress reports are mandatory for all students at first mid-trimester, and as needed for the following trimesters.