Admission Standards

1. Parents enrolling their child at St. Pius X School must, upon registration, present his or her birth certificate, baptismal certificate, and immunization records to the school. In addition, the child must also have met the readiness requirements of the school. St. Pius X School admits students of any race, color, national, or ethnic origin.

2. Registration of new students takes place in the spring. The announcement of the date is made through parish bulletins and local newspapers.

3. Before any student transferring from another school is accepted, he or she may spend a Visitor Day at the school. A copy of the latest report card, standardized testing, and a letter of recommendation from a current teacher is also required. Testing will also ensure proper placement.

4. Parents whose children have chronic medical problems or identified learning disabilities must include this information with the application form.

5. Upon receiving an acceptance letter, parents are requested to pay an annual registration fee.

6. Acceptance into St. Pius X School is based upon readiness and classroom availability.

7. Preference is given first to siblings of current students, then to St. Pius X parishioners, and then to Catholic students.

8. St. Pius X School follows all state laws regarding age of admission.

For more questions, please contact us or considering registering in order to receive more information.

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